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The Importance of Cleaning a Bird Site

Site clean-up is something that should be done, to some extent, on every bird job for many different reasons.


Damage Bird droppings are very acidic and can cause damage to structures and machinery if they remain for extended periods of time. Cleaning a nesting site can also remove existing bird-related odors, reducing the birds' desire to return.

Worker Safety & Ease of Installation

Working around droppings is unsanitary. It is also difficult for adhesives to adhere to a dirty surface.

Liability & Disease Potential

Bacteria and parasites from droppings & nesting materials remaining at the site are an even greater threat to building occupants as they will look for a new host after the birds are forced out. Many businesses must also be concerned with meeting federal, state and local cleanliness requirements.

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Installing bird control products on a dropping-splattered area gives the impression that you don't care about the way the building looks, didn't do the job correctly or used ineffective products - otherwise why would there still be droppings around? Evaluate the situation carefully before cleaning a bird site. Some sites are much easier to clean than others. Cleanup of smaller amounts of droppings in open areas may be accomplished by simply hosing, scrubbing or pressure washing the area.

For more serious accumulations, you should follow these steps:

1. Bag and remove loose layers of droppings. (Be sure to wear protective coveralls, gloves and respiratory equipment when cleaning any bird site. Click here for more information on protective equipment). At all sites, debris and other nesting materials should be shoveled into double bagged heavy duty garbage bags and disposed of properly.

2. To remove remaining stubborn droppings, apply Dissolve-It. Mix in 1:1 ratio with water and let the mixture soak into the droppings for at least 15 minutes; droppings will generally wipe easily away with a brush and water (see page 7 for more information on Dissolve-It).

3. Follow with a clean water rinse. After area is clear of droppings, apply Disinfect-It or other hospital grade viricide/ germicide to kill any remaining bacteria.