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FAQ’s about Termites

1. How do I know if I have Termites?

Everything may seem ok, but termites are a silent invader. Usually they have done a significant amount of damage before they become evident, the only way you can be sure you don’t have termites is to protect your home with a preventative treatment. Annual timber pest inspections by qualified accredited Pest Control technician will give peace of mind.

2. I have found Termites, what should I do?

Do not disturb or spray with insecticide. You cannot eliminate your termite problem by spraying them and disposing of the damaged timber. They will almost certainly infest other areas of the home if they are not currently active in other areas. Call Fremantle Pest Control, we will carry out a complete termite pest report to ascertain the extent of termite activity and provide a written termite management proposal outlining treatment recommendations and costs.

3. What does a service cost?

The cost varies according to your needs and treatment requirements. Protecting your home from termites can be a substantial investment and should not be taken lightly. There are a wide range of methods and products available, some more environmentally friendly/low toxic than others. Call us to ascertain which treatment suits your needs and you will talk to a non-pushy professional technician or office team member who will guide you to the best solution.

4. How do I know if the company/technician is reputable and suitably qualified?

Ask to see the technicians Pest Control Licence and ask them how long they have been carrying out Pest Control as he is the one who will be applying pesticides to your home.
Check that the company is insured and how long they have been in business.

5. Do I need to vacate my house overnight?

No. There is no need to vacate the home overnight with the new termite treatment chemicals like Premise and Termidor. They have no solvents, no vapours, and no odours. For further information please refer to the web sites of the manufacturer. Premise is made by Bayer www.bayernopest.com and Termidor by BASF www.basf.com.au

6. How often do I need to re-apply the termite treatment?

Treatment lasts for many years depending on the chemical used. Soil residual life also depends on soil types and moisture in the ground. Premise 200SC will last 5 years or longer in most practical situations. Re-treatment may not be economically justified within 5 years. Due to possible barrier breakdown due to soil disturbance etc, it is strongly recommended regular inspections should be done at least annually.

7. When can I replace the damaged timbers?

We recommend the damaged timber is only replaced when termite activity has stopped. We will tell you if feeding has stopped on our follow up visit. In buildings, which have been heavily infested, we recommend 6 to 12 months before you start timber replacement.

8. What is termite baiting?

Termite baiting is the Exterra System of termite interception and colony control. Termites are encouraged to feed on the bait in specially designed stations. There are above ground stations and in ground stations. Above ground stations are placed in the home where termites are feeding, in the skirting, door frame etc. Termites consume the bait and the nest dies off over a couple of months. In ground stations are installed in the soil around the home and intercept foraging worker termites. Please refer to the Exterra website: www.ensystex.com for more detail.