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Termites Fremantle Pest Control

Fremantle Pest Control offers termite control solutions for all buildings.

Whether you are considering building a new home or have just seen signs of termites on your property, we can provide a free no obligation site assessment by one of our licensed, experienced technicians.

In a relaxed, no pressure manner they will overview all available treatment options and how they relate to your individual property and problem.

We offer Termite Control Solutions for all residential, commercial and industrial situations:

Termite treatments for established buildings

Fremantle Pest control offers a range of termite control measures for termite eradication or protection for established buildings. They range from the environmentally friendly baiting systems to barrier treatments.


We offer a range of chemical and physical barriers which are installed prior to construction of the building.

Termite Inspections

Termites are a persistent and secretive pest and regular termite inspections are an important part of any home maintenance program. Fremantle Pest Control also carries out pre-purchase termite inspections for prospective buyers. To safeguard consumers, Australian Standards have compiled AS4349.3, which is the only recognized standard for pre-purchase inspections. When you purchase a pre-purchase report make sure it will be done to the current Australian Standard.

Why do I need a termite inspection?

You may have termites and not even know it. Because the termite nest is often beneath the soil surface, entry into buildings can often go unnoticed as severe structural damage may take a long time to become visible. Although some buildings are more prone to termite attack than others, every building is susceptible to termite invasion.

When buying a home it is essential to have a professional termite inspection. An undetected termite invasion can seriously weaken the structure of any building and or cost the owner thousands of dollars in repairs.

A Fremantle Pest Control termite inspection report will provide relevant information on conditions that are conducive to Timber Pest attack and how to protect your property. At Fremantle Pest Control we carry out termite inspections to current Australian Standards by licensed and experienced technicians that are certified to carry out reports to the Australian Standards. This means you can have peace of mind that all relevant aspects of the property are being reported on by a qualified professional, with all pertinent information being provided.