Bird Control Perth

Fremantle Pest Control provides a full range of Bird Control services, no matter how small or how large the problem is. From licensed baiting to physical barriers we can tailor the most efficient means of control for your site.

Birds nesting within or around buildings can cause significant health problems as well as being a general nuisance. Feral birds can also be the source of unpleasant bird mites, which can attach themselves to humans. Bird droppings are a constant frustration to business and home owners, it is very acidic and can cause damage to cars, buildings and stored product.

Most birds roost on ledges, window sills and any weather protected area they can find, they can also be found in roof voids, cavities of homes and commercial buildings. Methods of control include proofing, baiting, trapping and repelling.

Fremantle pest control can offer an obligation free site assessment to discuss which method would be most effective in solving your feral bird problem.

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