DIY Detection

Rega Termite Monitoring Stations

Your greatest asset could be at risk without you even knowing. From the silent, hidden home invaders-Termites, which constantly and randomly forage through the soil.

Rega Monitoring Stations is an effective inspection tool that lets you regularly check for termites on your property and monitors against Termites 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Even if you currently have a chemical barrier and/or annual inspection programme, Rega termite stations monitor for termite pressure so that you can inform your current pest controller of identified activity. They can then make sure your barriers are intact and advise remedial action.

You receive 24 monitoring stations,24 wooden monitors and installation instructions and delivered FREE to your door in Metro Perth

The cost is $195 including gst. Call ourOffice on (08) 9433 3777 to order your kit.

Or simply contact us by email.